Frequently Asked Questions


Our workers are not private contractors, they are our employees with a minimum of 2 years experience in the cleaning industry. They are English speaking, polite, dependable, as well as highly qualified and trained professionals. In addition, for your safety and for our security we conduct a thorough background screening before they hired. Fully insured.

If you are pleased with the service, we encourage you to show your appreciation to the staff. Gratuity is a powerful way to say, I appreciate your work. However, it is not required. For your confidence if you want to add extra in your check or credit card payment we will disburse it evenly among the cleaning crew.

Yes, on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly scheduled appointment, we make every effort to provide you the same cleaning person. However, if the person is sick or she is on vacation, you will have the option to reschedule your appointment, or to work with another staff member.

If you provide us with a key, please know that each customer's key is protected with a security code, stored in a key safe, and no identifying information is attached to your key. If your home is protected by an alarm, we’re happy to work with you to gain safe access. However, many systems can be complicated to operate; therefore, we often request that alarms be turned off on the day of cleaning.

We guarantee full discretion and security. We agree not to duplicate our customer’s keys. Upon cancellation, we return the keys within five business days. We do not share or sell our customers' information with third parties. We only use the information you provide to contact you about our services.

Yes, we are properly covered by general liability, loss and breakage, employee dishonesty bond, and compensation insurance policies. This means your home, our employees, and our company are covered.

We are very much aware that dishonest employees can significantly damage our company's impeccable reputation as well as to destroy our business. As you can see, one of our main concern is - Can we trust the employee? - Therefore, before a worker is hired we are not only conduct a thorough background screening, but also for your safety and for our security we are bonded. However, the "Dishonesty Bond" only protects in serious obvious theft problems, it contains a conviction clause to protect our company and our employees against unjustified allegations of dishonesty -- the employee must be caught, tried, and convicted before coverage will apply. Unfortunately, our employees are easy targets for blame. As you can see, other of our main concern is - Can we trust a customer? - Any customer who finds something missing is likely to suspect those (the cleaning people) who do the cleaning. Therefore, we are kindly asking our customers to double check for any missing items before blaming anyone of steeling, being dishonest.

We make every effort to keep your appointment on time and provide you value and excellence. Therefore, we request a two (2) day notice to schedule a regular cleaning service. Larger jobs (post-construction cleaning, spring-cleaning, clutter cleaning) where we need to provide two or more cleaning staff, requires a minimum of 4-5 days’ notice. We always call to confirm your appointment for the next day.

We request a minimum of two (2) business day’s cancellation notice! If for any reason, you have to cancel your cleaning appointment, please call us immediately. We are very strict about our two (2) business day’s cancellation policy, please honor it! Less than two (2) business day’s cancellations will be charged a minimum of three (3) hours per cleaning person cancellation fee. However, we will charge a full price: 1.) if you, the customer, call our office after business hours, after 7:00 p.m., and leave a message to cancel the appointment; 2.) if hour staff show up at your doorsteps and for any reason not able to clean your home. (Example: locked doors, the construction crew is not finished and you the customer have to turn them away,) No exceptions!

We request a full payment on the same day we cleaned your home, unless we cleaned your home under a monthly/yearly contract. If you would like to make a payment in Cash or by Check, please leave your form of payment on the kitchen counter. However, we require a valid credit card on file that we only charge if there is no Cash or Check payment left for us. Please note: - We will not schedule an appointment without a valid credit card on file! (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)

Satisfaction guaranteed! Your satisfaction is our main concern. We want to make sure that you are no less than 100% satisfied every time we clean your home. If you are not happy with our cleaning performance, please call us within 24 hours and we will come back to fix the oversight. No refunds!

Most of our customers provide us with a set of keys, or will leave the key with the doorman or superintendent. You, the customer must make every effort to provide alternatives. If our workers cannot service your home due to locked doors, the cancellation policy applies!

If you have a studio or a small two-bedroom apartment, one cleaning person is able to handle the job efficiently. If your home is a three bedroom or larger, we usually send a team of two cleaning crew. Other occasions may require additional cleaning professionals. For example: cleaning up after construction, or for major spring-cleaning.